Winter League 2018 - Results

Grand Final Results

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Winter League 2018

This year we see a few changes to the Winter League, firstly the dates of each round which are as follows:

  • Round 1 - 29th September
  • Round 2 - 27th October
  • Grand Final - 24th November

I have also attached the draft rules for the league, these are the same as last year with just one change. 

To help clubs field teams when short of swimmers and to promote clubs entering 2 teams, there will no longer be a limit to the number of swims each swimmer can take part in, in their own age group and any age groups above.  

Ideally we would like to field 16 teams in the winter league to make it as competitive as possible. We have some way to go to this number.  

Could you let me know via a email if you wish to enter a team and how many teams by the end of June.  

I am also needing hosts for the first 2 rounds, Stowmarket has kindly offered to be one of the hosting teams for round 1. So needing at least 1 more for Round 1 and two more for Round 2. 

Many thanks Tim Millett

Winter League Rules

updated 20 Mar 2019

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