Please checkout the forms and guidelines below to determine funding opportunities from the Suffolk County ASA.

The County Management Board have agreed to extend the County funding to include officials training. It is hoped that this will encourage parents and volunteers to sign up and complete the Judge 1 online training while a significant number are at home or working from home. This will enable applicants to receive 50% of the £20 entry fee.  This fee also includes the first 4 years licence fee.

  Funding Guidelines - updated 20 April 2020

  Funding Application Form


Affiliation Fees are due annually – Swim England collects the affiliation fee for Swim England East Region and Counties. 

These are due on January 1, 2020 and must be paid by February 28, 2020.

National fees

  • Cat 1 - £9.20
  • Cat 2 - £26.75
  • Cat 3 - £5.20

Regional fees

  • £35.00 per club/organisation
  • £5.00 per Category One member
  • £6.00 per Category Two member
  • No charge for Category Three member

County fees

  • £1.50 per member for all categories

updated 3 May 2020

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